Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Boom shrieks off to Bacolod

Division B Triathlon Champion and BnT’s AVPPR, Boom San Agustin will take the early morning flight to Bacolod on October 11 to compete with District 75’s best evaluators and speakers in the 2008 Midyear Convention at Bacolod. He will represent BnT TMC, Area 16, and Division B in the district contest for evaluation and the triathlon.

The two days of the midyear convention will be jampacked with activities – the contests, educational sessions, a Masskara Mardi Gras evening, and even a trip to Mambucal Springs.

Boom’s travel expenses have been generously supplemented by the donations of BnT Club officers and generous people from Division B: Phillip Iledan, Fred Castro, Aida Valles, Jeeves de Veyra, and Tess Solis. Thank you for your support!

As Boom shrieks the banshee’s shriek, Toasties shout out cheers. Go, Boom, go!

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