Saturday, January 03, 2009

Toastmasters Meeting Guide Seargent- at-Arms

You prepare the stage for the meeting by ensuring that the venue is conducive to learning and that the materials are complete and in the proper place.

Remember to:

Before the meeting:
-Coordinate all necessary reservations and payments with the venue representatives.
-Follow-up with the venue staff on the food to be served. Check that iced water is also served.
-Check the venue for:
-Comfortable temperature
-Good lighting
-Enough seats. Should the participants exceed the number of chairs, additional chairs can be easily and quickly provided.
-All Toastmasters meeting paraphernalia are complete and placed in the proper places:
-Banner is prominently placed and well presented.
-Gavel and Cue Cards are by the front
-Timing Equipment is by the back of the room. Light box is plugged in. All 3 lights are working, and replacement bulbs are available. Timer is functioning, with an emergency battery ready.
-Programs are placed where all participants can easily get a copy.
-Name tags and pens are available.
-All kits are distributed to the respective role players.
-5 minutes before the meeting starts, request everyone to sit, and advise them that the meeting will start soon.

During the meeting:
-At exactly 7 PM, get the attention of members and guests. Introduce the President of the Club.
-Monitor food and beverage consumption and coordinate with server if replenishments are necessary.
-Be ready to assist the timer or any participant who might need logistical assistance.

After the meeting:
-Collect all kits and paraphernalia and properly store them.
-Coordinate with the Treasurer regarding settling of bills.
-Leave the venue clean. Check for any items that might have been left behind by the members and guests.

-Money for rental and food
-Club banner
-Timing Equipment:
-Timer with extra battery
-Signal device:
-Light box
-Extra light bulbs
-Extension cord
-RYG cardboards
-Name Tags and Pens
-Extra pens for role players and evaluators
-All Meeting Kits

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