Saturday, January 03, 2009

Toasmasters Meeting Guide: Ah Counter

Your task is to monitor the words and sounds used as crutch or pause fillers by anyone who speaks during the meeting. Note inappropriate interjections such as “well, and, but, so, you know, ah, um, er. You should also watch out for repeated words or phrases, such as “I,I” or “This means, this means.” In BnT, we also count the number of Ha-has to recognize those who use humor effectively.

Here are some reminders to be a good Ah-Counter:
Before the meeting:
-Find somebody who can evaluate you using your Leadership Manual.

During the meeting:
-Throughout the meeting, listen to everyone for crutch sounds and long pauses used as fillers and not necessary as part of the sentence structure. Count each utterance for each member and guest. Tally before your report.
-When introduced during the evaluation segment, you may share your report in front or by your chair, depending on the lead of the General Evaluator. Briefly explain your role and its importance, and then share your ah-count. You may highlight the ones who used the most and the least or no language crutches.
-Presenting the Ah-count is like presenting a mini speech. Use all speaking skills you have used previously. Try to have an interesting start, a substantial body, and a powerful close.

After the meeting:
-Submit this kit to the Sergeant at Arms.
-Ask for your Leadership Manual. Discuss your evaluation if anything is unclear.

-Grammar Guide (optional)
-Your Leadership Manual
-Ah-Counter's Report

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