Saturday, January 03, 2009

Toasmasters Meeting Guide: Table Topics Evaluator

The Table Topic Evaluator is one of the most challenging roles in a Toastmasters meeting. You need to be a good listener and synthesizer.

Here are some reminders to enable you to be a great Table Topic Master:

Before the meeting:
-Find somebody who can evaluate you using your Leadership Manual.

During the meeting:
-Record your impressions of the speeches as well as the Table Topic Master’s hosting. Pay attention to how the TTM was able to set the tone for the activity, how she was able to handle the transitions from one speech to another, and how she was able to end with a good synthesis of the Table Topic segment.
-When introduced, briefly explain your job and what evaluation approach you will take.
-Your time allotment is 1 minute per speaker, plus 2 minutes for the TTM.
-Include in your evaluations encouragement or praise as well suggestions for improvement. Be constructive.

-Your Leadership Manual
-Table Topics Evaluation Report

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sam said...

I love BUTTER N TOAST because of the excellent writeup on your blog. I love Philippines cos the people are warm and sociable.

This is the only toastmasters club I know that has a table topics evaluator.

I like to share with you a method of evaluating table topic speakers - by using the 4 S. They are Structure, Substance, Style and

With the 4S, it is so easy to remember and you could evaluate and provide almost instant feedback to the Table Topic speaker.

To know more, grab a copy of my ebook "Table Topics Secrets Revealed!" at


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