Saturday, January 03, 2009

Toastmasters Meeting Guide: VP Education

You are the behind the scenes director of every meeting. You plan the program and coordinate with the different people playing roles in the meeting.

Here are your reminders.
The day before the meeting:
-Send reminders to the speakers, role players, and evaluators.
-Finalize, print, and replicate the program.

Before the meeting:
-Follow up on every role player so that you can revise the program to accommodate last minute no-shows. You may also have to shuffle the program sequence if some major players are running late. Be ready to take other roles if necessary.
-Brief the TM of the PM and the General Evaluator.
-Be ready to coach role players who are not yet familiar with the processes.
-Welcome all guests who come in. Introduce non-Toastmaster guests to the VP for Membership.

During the Meeting:
-In the absence of the President, you will preside over the meeting. Consult President’s Kit.
-In the Business Matters segment, assign the roles for the next meeting. Get commitment from the speakers. Fill out the form.

After the meeting:
-Printed Program
-Meeting Kits
-Next Meeting Form

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