Saturday, January 03, 2009

Toasmasters Meeting Guide: General Evaluator

You will evaluate everything and anything that happens in a meeting. The responsibilities are large, but so are the rewards. You head the evaluation team and will act as the host of the evaluation segment.

Here are some reminders to help you be an effective and inspiring General Evaluator.

Before the meeting:
• Check with the Toastmaster of the Evening and/or the VP for Education on how the program will be conducted and if there are any deviations from the plan.
• Call all of the evaluators to brief them on their jobs. Suggest that each prepared speech evaluator meets with the speaker before the meeting to discuss areas of focus for the evaluation. Emphasize that evaluations should be constructive, and the goal should be to help and encourage the speaker to improve in his next speech.
• Insure that each evaluator has the speaker’s manual.
• Sit near the back of the room to allow yourself full view of the meeting and its participants.
• Find somebody who can evaluate you using your Leadership Manual.
During the meeting:
• Take note of everything that happens or does not happen but should.
• Things to observe:
b.Venue and logistics, lighting, temperature, banners
c.Time management
d.Greeting of guests and members
e.The written program
f.Meeting standards
• You may be called to explain some of the evaluation procedures during the Table Topic and Prepared Speeches segments.
• If time allows, you may request for a 5-10 minute break before the evaluation segment. When called to start the evaluation portion, briefly explain to the audience the rationale and the approach your evaluation will take.
• Introduce your evaluation team one by one as you call them to evaluate. Let each briefly state the purpose of his job.
• You are not to reevaluate the speakers unless you want to add something that was missed by the evaluator.
• Your job includes evaluating the evaluators. Highlight their strengths and suggest ways to improve.
• If time is an issue, some evaluators need not present their reports in front. They may stay by their seats.
• Wrap up by giving your general evaluation of the meeting and the Toastmaster of the Evening.
• Watch your total time.

• Program
• Pen
• Your Leadership Manual
General Evaluation Form

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