Saturday, January 03, 2009

Toasmasters Meeting Guide: Timer

By being the meeting’s timer, you develop your listening skills. You also have the chance to present a brief speech to help the speakers and the club manage time better.

Here are some reminders to help you in your role as a timer.

Before the meeting:
- Confirm scheduled participants with the TM of the PM, the General Evaluator, or the VP for Education. Confirm the time required for each segment.
- Set up the timer’s work station: timer or stopwatch, signal device (light box or RYG cards, or both). Sit where you are easily seen by the speakers.
- Find somebody who can evaluate you using your Leadership Manual.
During the meeting:
- Note what time the meeting started and ended. Time breaks from start to finish. You may include this in the final report if the break time was extended.
- When requested to do so, be ready to explain the timing rules and demonstrate the signal device.
- Throughout the meeting, signal each program participant on the time lapsed using the guide on the next page.
- Record each participant’s time.
- You may report all who participated, or you may choose to highlight only those who registered speech times that are less than minimum or more than maximum. Your report is also like a mini-speech. Use whatever skills you have learned about organizing and delivering your speech.

After the meeting:
- Return all the equipment, as well as this kit to the Sgt. at Arms.
- Ask for your Leadership Manual. Discuss your evaluation if anything is unclear.

- Speaker’s Manual
- Pen
- Your Leadership Manual
- Timer's Report

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