Saturday, January 03, 2009

Toasmasters Meeting Guide: Prepared Speaker

Thank you for accepting the challenge of delivering your speech. A successful delivery brings you one step closer to a new norm.

Here are some reminders.

Before the meeting:
• Check the program to find out when you are to speak.
• Fill out the Speaker Introduction Form and submit to the TM of the PM. Discuss with the TM of the PM how you would like to be introduced.
• Check all the materials or visual aids you might need to deliver the speech.
• Discuss with your evaluator any particular concerns or areas of focus.
• Hand over your manual to the evaluator.
• Sit close to the front of the room for quick and easy access to the stage.
During the meeting:
• While somebody else is speaking, focus on the speaker. Avoid studying your notes when someone else is talking.
• When introduced, smoothly leave your chair and walk to the stage.
• Shake the hand of the TM of the PM.
• As you begin your speech, acknowledge the audience.
• When finishing your speech, avoid thanking the audience. It is better to end with a call to action. Return the control back to the TM of the PM. Always wait for the TM of the PM to return to the stage, shake her hand, and then return to your seat.
• During the evaluation, listen intently for hints that will help you in future speeches.

After the meeting:
• Get your manual from your evaluator. If possible, discuss any questions you may have concerning your evaluation to clarify any misinterpretation.
• Have the Vice President for Education initial the Project Completion Record in the back of your manual.
• Schedule with the VP for Education your next speech.
• Seek the comments of other members.

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