Saturday, January 03, 2009

Toastmasters Meeting Guide: VP Membership

With an eye toward converting guests into members, your job is to communicate to the potential member that Toastmasters is a motivational environment for them to learn skills and develop confidence. Make the experience as pleasurable and rewarding as possible.

Here are your reminders.
Days before the meeting:
-Send out an invitation to members, past guests, and potential guests. Use e-mail, text, chikka, and other channels.

Before, during, and after the meeting:
-Greet guests and let them sign the Attendance Sheet.
-Formally welcome new members to the club.
-Help guests willing to join complete the Application for Membership.
-Coordinate with the Treasurer regarding payments.
-Coordinate with the VP for Education about scheduling new members for their Icebreaker speech.
-In the Absence of both the President and the VP for Education, you will preside over the meeting. Consult President’s Kit.

-Attendance Sheet
-Application Forms for Membership
-Icebreaker Copies

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