Saturday, January 03, 2009

Toastmasters Meeting Guide: President

Behind the scenes, you will ensure that every one – officers, speakers, and role players are well briefed. Let the Vice President for Education, his AVP, and the Toastmaster of the Evening work together to run the meeting, but be ready to pitch in at any point when necessary.

In the meeting, you will communicate a professional yet encouraging tone and ensure a high quality of meeting execution.

Set the tone among the officers to present to everyone a warm, motivating environment. Be appreciative of guest evaluators who go out of their way to help the club. Let newcomers feel welcome. Continuously motivate the officers by praising them for jobs well done.

Here are some reminders.

Before the meeting:
-Let the VP for Education take the lead, but be ready to assist when necessary.
-Be ready to coach role players who are not yet familiar with the processes.
-Welcome all guests who come in. Introduce non-Toastmaster guests to the VP for Membership.
-Point out and help remedy anything that is not according to plan or standards.

During the meeting:
-Call the meeting to order by saying: “As the President of the Butter N Toast Toastmasters Club, I call this meeting to order.” Then, bang the gavel twice.
-Introduce the leader of the Invocation and the Toastmaster’s Promise
-Enthusiastically introduce the Toastmaster of the Evening.
-When the program is about to end, let the TM of the PM turn over the proceedings to you.
-Seek guest comments. Encourage them to come back.
-Lead a discussion of business matters.
-Thank people for attending and participating in the meeting.
-Adjourn the meeting by banging the gavel once.

After the meeting:
-Thank guest evaluators and encourage new guests to come back. Thank and praise noteworthy performances.

-Introduction of the TM of the PM
-Business Matters

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