Friday, September 05, 2008

Boom grand slams Division B contests

Enrique Salvador Eleazar San Agustin swept medals last September 21. As emergency representative of Area 16 to the Evaluation Contest, he bested contestants from the other areas by delivering an intelligent, incisive, useful, and honest evaluation.

Boom showed his multi talents in the Triathlon. His delivery of The Shriek of the Banshee had the audience silent and scared.
Boom won first place in the Table Topics and Singing contests, and second place in the Prepared Speech contest. He walked home with the overall Champion medal and a lot of gifts (that made us envious).
Boom will represent BnT TMC and Area 16 in the district contest in Bacolod in October.

Area 16 Governor and Toastie, Alvin Tan hosted the Prepared Speech contest in his usual animated and witty manner.
In the audience were toasties Tisha Timbang, Mar Sy, and Gege Sugue.


Ed Ebreo said...

He's wearing a kilt. Too bad, the photo doesn't show it.

Boom said...

A Kilt??? That does it! Now feel the sting of my repulsor blasts!!!


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