Monday, September 26, 2005

"Living Juicy" - August 10 Minutes by TM Sheila Mapanao

AUGUST 10, 2005
Theme for the meeting: “Living Juicy”
Hosts: Team II

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by ourPresident, Michelle Lim. TM of the PM was first-timerMars Sy and as expected, he did a fabulous job! Mars is more than ready to take on more ‘juicy’ roles inthe club in the future. That, I am sure of! :) Everyone, members and guests alike, were asked to introduce themselves, and include the word ‘juicy’ intheir introductions. Talk about an extraordinary way to get the creative juices flowing… Pun intended… :) Word of the Day was ably handled by Secretary “in training” Bryan Acosta. Another member from our team who we will surely be taking on more roles not only during meetings, but in the club as well. Hay, how I love delegating roles to my members. Hehehe… ;->Attendees for the meeting were the following:

1. Michelle Lim
2. Sheila dela Cruz
3. Pat Pascua
4. Mars Sy
5. Rael Ortiz
6. Bryan Acosta
7. Paulo Gavino
8. Katherine Lim
9. Ed Ebreo
10. RJ Laguardia

(sorry, guys! For the life of me, can’t find the attendance sheet so if you were inadvertently excluded from this list above, please say so. I only used our programme as a guide to see who was there. So am hoping you can all help out in “reconstructing” our attendance list. In the programme, Alvin Tan was listed down as the timer, but I do remember that time that Paulo took his place so I didn’t include him inthe attendance. Alvin, please do correct me if I made a mistake.)

1. Emma Desano – invited by TM Ed Ebreo
2. Lutgarda “Lyka” Ambrosio – invited by TM Ed Ebreo

Our VP-Education Ed Ebreo did his speech #4 (entitled‘Seabiscuit’) and his speech was evaluated by noneother than our President, and ATM-S (or is it G now)Michelle Lim. TM Katherine “Giggs” Lim did her speech#3, titled “My Favorite Profession” and her evaluator was our Area Governor CTM Benjie Los Baños. Doing another one of her schizo acts and handling dual roles as usual was our President, Michelle Lim, since she was not only an individual evaluator but GeneralEvaluator (GE) as well. Other members of theevaluation team were TM Ed Ebreo who was Table Topics Evaluator, Ah Counter was yours truly, and Timekeeper was Paulo Gavino. Handling the very challenging role as Grammarian was one of our favorite Language Evaluators, CTM/CL Pat Pascua. (I say “one of our favorites” since I personally have a hard time deciding who my favorite grammarian is between Pat andGege.) :) As expected, Pat gave us another entertaining and most educational language evaluation! Whether it took another 12 minutes, I’m not telling…hehehe… ;-> Before adjourning for the night, Michelle also gave an educational speech on the how to become a President’s Distinguished Club. Being a new club is not stopping ButternToast from aiming for the highest goals for the club! As usual, it was another fun-filled but most importantly, educational night, which ended on a high note! We ended way past the 8:40 p.m. noted in the programme, but as usual, no one was in a hurry for the night to end. As always, ButternToast meetings are such a blast!


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