Monday, September 19, 2005

Butter N Toast History by TM Sheila Mapanao

"Now of course, our introduction to TM wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the humble beginnings of the club closest to our heart, ButterNToast. We all met online on an HR egroup, and later on, this spun-off to form our very own TM egroup, ButterNToast. BnT was coined by one of our original/charter members,Gege Sugue and the name fits us to a T. Compared toother TM club names, which sound “professional”, BnT is really living up to its name as a more “informal”,and should I say, “wacky” group… So what started off as an HR egroup in August 2004, we now have an actual honest-to-goodness Toastmasters club which was officially chartered just last May 26, 2005…roughly nine months after our egroup was born." The unofficial version of the meaning of our club name is that the newbies can be compared to freshbutter, while our club mentors are toasted or "tostado " with experience. So the combination of the fresh and the seasoned, makes for the perfect combinationwhich totals to ButterNToast. (Or toasted bread as what one my staffers used to say!) :D

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