Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A fresh serving of Butter N Toast

The first session under the leadership of BnT President Jun Roy and his team last July 8, 2010 showcased a fresh start for a lot of toastmasters in the Club. That night featured not just wonderful speeches and great evaluations but formal introductions to the Club in different capacities as well.

Division B’s Immediate Past Governor Katrina Letargo (BnT’s JJ!) inducted 10 new members into the Butter N Toast Toastmasters Club. Francis Ang, Jennie Lou Cantago, Eden April Alemania-Dayrit (who earned her CC norm even before being formally inducted!), Jonathan Doringuez, Clave Draculan, Maria Cristina Marcelino, Johnson Regalado, Elaine Romero, Karen Sermona, and Mayette Torreliza kindled their lights from their respective mentors’ candles, and then took oath to make the firm obligation to attend meetings regularly and prepare fully for each assignment, among other duties. Armed with the burning fervor to improve themselves and to contribute to the continuing success of BnT, the newbies will introduce fresh blood to the Club, giving it new life, new sources of excellent speeches, and a new breed of future leaders.

After welcoming BnT’s fresh-from-the-oven toasties, JJ next discharged last term’s set of officers, led by President Pat Pascua, with VP-Education Jun Roy, VP-Membership Christine Dapa, Secretary Chris Siena, VP-PR Shel Roxas, Treasurer Sheila Dela Cruz, Sgt.-at-Arms Boom San Agustin, and IPP Gege Sugue. As JJ expressed that night, the outgoing officers have unleashed their X factors, building speakers and leaders in the Club. It may be “out with the old, in with the new,” but the success and experience of past officers will always serve as guiding wisdom to the current term’s set of officers, leading them towards another President’s Distinguished Club award by June 30, 2011.

Division B Governor Yolanda Meru then installed the current term’s set of officers, the “Toasters,” as they want to be called, led by President Jun Roy, with VP-Education Sheila Dela Cruz, VP-Membership Gege Sugue, VP-PR Alvin Abrantes, Secretary Faye Melegrito, Treasurer Eden Dayrit, Sgt.-at-Arms Ed Ebreo, and IPP Pat Pascua. Yoly called on them one at a time, mentioning their respective keywords (Ed’s “order,” Eden’s “collections,” Faye’s “records,” Bino’s “publicity,” Gege’s “members,” Sheila’s “education,” Pat’s “advise,” and Jun’s “leadership”), handing the gavel, describing the goals and responsibilities of the office, and posing the question, “Will you perform these duties to the best of your abilities?” Each of the officers replied back, “I will!” with conviction and enthusiasm, paving the way towards a BRIGHT year ahead for Butter N Toast.

Under the leadership of Jun Roy, the Butter N Toast Toastmasters Club surely will be Bringing and Rousing Individuals to Greater Heights in Toastmasters!

- Faye F. Melegrito

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