Friday, May 27, 2011

A Lady Called Summer

A Lady Called Summer
By: Jess Nemis, TM

I yearned for your coming yet you belatedly came. I’ve wished for you to stay longer yet you cut short your stay. I felt like an abandoned lover, why did you leave too soon, Summer? Was it my doing? Or was it climate’s fault? Whatever it was, next time around I’m begging you, please come sooner and stay a little bit longer.

Indeed, you arrived late this year! When March came, I was looking forward to sunny days with you on the beach, but the month rolled by and there was no sight of you. We got ready for our first outing yet rains continued in April. Then finally you were declared to have officially arrived on the 12th of April, already late in your season.
Yet even when you’ve finally arrived, your days were cloudy and marred with rains and thunderstorms. This was not what I was expecting! I felt deprived of the full-sunny beach weather that I’ve been waiting for. But despite these distractions, you made your presence felt. I felt you in the humid heat and the daylight that lingered through the night. I saw you in the different kinds of the season’s fruits sold along roadside stalls. I heard you through the children’s laughter playing and swimming in the village pool. I could smell your scent from the burst of blooms in their rainbows of colors. You were just irrepressible! Not even climate change could stop you while the people who waited for you basked in your sunny presence, no matter how fleeting. I am truly missing you, Summer.

From seasons past, I have kept many beautiful memories of you. I grew up with you giving me the best adventures of my childhood. Under your bright sun, I learned how to swim, paddled my first boat from river to sea, did my share of farm duties and learned to pull the trigger of a hunter’s rifle. As with any kid growing up in the province with abundant spaces, it was a summer’s playground to explore. We biked, hike, raced and played til daylight’s gone. And then as nights fell, we chased fireflies as they circled from one tree to another. We shared many magical moments back then, and indeed, from those moments lifelong friendships were forged, childhood innocence lost, and between us, a love affair blossomed. I was under your spell. And even as a grown up, we always had fun times in your annual coming even as the activities became varied: beach outings, new places discovered, new adventures tried – you’ve kept me under your spell.

But this year, I could sense some disconnect between us. The beach outings that didn’t push through, planned travels that were cancelled at the last hour, sudden changes in work schedules – we were not in sync.

For your part, you were half-present and your stay was too short! You left me wanting, robbed of the adventures that I’ve planned to do with you around. Where’s my holiday gone? I have not even enjoyed my watermelon yet and just had one serving of halo-halo to date. What happened Summer? Where’s the romance this time? You are supposed to be enjoyed in your full glory. Were you stymied by the changing climate, sprinkling your days with unwelcome cloudiness and rain showers? Clearly it has hindered your presence, making you half-baked and gone too soon. I despair your short stay!

But all is not lost, I’m sure there will be more seasons of you in the future. And when the next season comes, I promise to make amends to my schedule. Stay your course then, give me back those sunny adventures and put me under your spell once again, Summer.

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