Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Value of Values by BNT President Gege Sugue

Writer, speaker, and success coach Dr. Philip E. Humbert says that organizations succeed when values and goals are in agreement. In 2006, BnT officers and members worked together to craft its vision, mission, and values statements. It was an exercise that helped us define who we are and what we want to achieve as a club and as individuals.
And we have achieved much.

In BnT’s charter year, we earned a Select Distinguished Award. Since then, we have consistently improved, hitting more goals every year. Last year, we met ten out of ten DCP goals, earning President’s Distinguished honors for the second year in a row. All this while also doing well in the area and division contests. This current term, we reach district level as Boom San Agustin represents our club at the Bacolod midyear convention.

There are a number of factors that contribute to this good performance. And one of them is being clear about what we want and what is important to us. In other words, knowing our values help us reach our goals.

For example, the values of continuous learning and teamwork tell us that a mentorship program would help our new members have a headstart in developing their communication skills. Mentors also help develop their coaching skills. We do this because we want to help each other. But at the same time, this program indirectly contributes to the DCP goals in producing CCs. Valuing excellence to us means not sacrificing the quality of learning just to win awards. This means if somebody does not meet the objectives for a speech project, he or she does not move on the next speech. This may affect our ability to meet term goals, but in the long run, we are protecting our club. We are ensuring that BnT continues to be a club of excellence and continuous improvement.

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