Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sing, Dance, Communicate

by Elinor Grace Bulauitan

I’m Elinor Grace R. Bulauitan, 24 years old, in a relationship. Don’t ask me what my vital statistics are and it will hurt my feelings. I’m currently working as Quality Assurance Officer at CheQ Systems. My main job is in line with Quality Management Systems and business process improvement. I am also a freshman MBA student of UST graduate school. I graduated last 2004 at Polytechnic University of the Philippines with Bachelor in Journalism.

I had a typical childhood like many of you probably had. I’ve experienced playing piko, ten-twenty, patintero and the likes. I’m also a fan of Batibot, Princess Sarah, and At iba pa. That’s not redundant. At iba pa is another version of Batibot where Kapitan Bilang and Patricia Ann Roque was discovered.

I had very supportive parents. Unlike other children who grew up with a complete family, I was raised by my mother on her own; I can say that my mother did her best in raising me and my sister to become better individuals. When I was a child, I still remember how they kept on telling us that Education is the only inheritance that they can give. And now, the person in front of you would not be here if I didn’t listen to their reminders. I’m thankful for having her as my mom and making me realize the importance of education.

Before finishing my high school studies, I have experienced a rough road in my life. My mother passed away because of breast cancer; that time I thought it was the end of my days. Being the eldest, I was worried about how my sister and I can survive. The only thing that kept me strong is my faith to God. I know that by believing In Him, I can stay on track, and He didn’t fail me.

I also have good memories in my high school and college days. I used to be a member of Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group. Are you familiar with the Itik itik or the tinikling dance? I performed those dances when I was in high school. I also love to sing; some of you heard me sing two weeks ago in our Induction. J

I’m also a frustrated cheer leader, in my high school days; I was deprived of becoming a part of our cheering squad because that time I’m a senior student and we were assigned to be the yeller and the junior students were the dancers.

When I was in college, I became a member of the COC pep squad. It is a College of Communication cheering squad. But it was not my fate to become a cheer dancer. I quit the team because of a bratty cheer leader. She accused me of being unprofessional. Instead of confronting her, I chose to quit. I still wonder what would have happened had I not quit. I would have still performed in the Cultural center of the Philippines. It was half a decade ago and yet I still feel some amount of frustration. This is why Sir Ed, you should consider having a cheering competition in our next company activity; you will be helping me fulfill my wish of performing again.

Life is indeed full of dramatic turns. Before completing college, I experienced another rough road in my life’s highway, and it tested my faith. My father died of a heart attack. Despite the pains of losing those who are very dear to me, I kept my faith solid. I never questioned GOD’s will. I just kept thinking that everything that happened in our life has a purpose.

As early as 16 years old, I’ve experienced being independent. I acted as a parent to my younger sister and also as a role model. Just like what my parents did to me, I always tell my sister the importance of education. In fact, she’s now a second year college student of Unibersidad de Manila taking up BS Math.

I have an obscure career path before I joined CheQ Systems. My first job is in line with telemarketing. After 3 months, I was re-assigned as a Marketing Clerk. Upon joining CheQ Systems, being an office staff was my stepping stone to become part of my CheQ family. After regularization, my career path was slightly enlightened when CheQ Systems offered me the position of Quality Assurance Officer. In this position, I know I can enhance my knowledge and utilize my skills in consulting and training. I started with this position with zero knowledge. By attending various training programs and the support of my office mates and my boyfriend Alvin, I can probably say that I have become knowledgeable with my work. Being a one woman team is very hard for me since this is a company wide initiative, but I know I can make the certification possible soon, but not so soon.

These are my bitter and sweet memories as of today.

I am here today because I continue to aspire. I joined Toastmasters because I know that it is material to my success. If you ask me to sing, I can sing, if you ask me to dance I can do that too. But if you ask me to speak like I’m doing now, I exert enormous effort just to stand here in front. But with your support, I can be better. If I can communicate better, my chances at career success becomes higher. Who knows my promotion to become our company’s Quality Management Representative is just around the corner! By then I will be able to sing, dance and most importantly, communicate more effectively. With my faith in God intact and with your support, that should not be far fetched,

Good Evening!

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