Saturday, August 05, 2006

Excerpts from The BnT Fortnight, July 12


BnT Recognized as Select Distinguished Club

Making effective oral communication a worldwide reality -- this is the mission of Toastmasters International. The Butter N’ Toast Toastmasters Club contributed to attaining this goal by starting a club among a community of HR practitioners. Actively involved in the selection, training, and motivation of people, BnT members are able to reach out and share with the corporate world the communication and leadership skills they learn through their Toastmasters experience.

In August 2004, BnT was born in cyberspace as an e-group and was officially chartered as a Toastmasters Club on May 26, 2005. Since then, The BnT Toastmasters Club has blazed a path of achievement by producing Competent and Advanced Toastmasters, participating and winning in competitions while having fun in the process. Charter President, Michelle Lim, applauded the members and officers of ButterNToast, saying, “This award is a confirmation of all our efforts. It truly is an honor for me to be part of a club that reached Select Distinguished President's Club in its FIRST YEAR!!!”
Congratulations, Butter N’ Toast, for an impressive first year and a promising future in Toastmasters!

Ed and RJ now Competent Toastmasters

To inspire, challenge, and uplift the audience by using all the techniques they have learned in their previous 9 speeches was their goal.

RJ Laguardia and Ed Ebreo did just that when they delivered Speech No. 10 to graduate to Competent Toastmasters level.

RJ delivered a standing ovation-inspiring speech last July 13. “Romeo and Marietta,” (Yes, the allusion to Shakespeare’s work was intentional.) capitalizing on the universal theme of love, was both homage to his favorite bard and an honoring for his parents who recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.

The audience was also on their feet applauding HR and Training Consultant and Ed Ebreo when he talked about “Breaking the Rules”. He challenged everyone to go off the oft-trodden paths, create new paths, and use one’s imagination to make the world a better one.

RJ and Ed joins CTM Alvin Tan, who was the first Butter N’ Toast member to complete the first 10 speeches.


HONING YOUR SKILLS - Members and Officers are encouraged to join Division B’s Officers’ Training on July 22, 2006, 9 AM to 3 PM at the Meralco Bldg. in Ortigas. Stay tuned for more details.

BLOCKING THURSDAY NIGHTS - Butter N’ Toast is moving its meeting days to the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month. Our next meeting will be on July 27.

CALLING FOR SPEECHES - Experience the thrill of being called a Competent Communicator. Compete your 10 Basic Speech requirements by targeting to deliver a talk at least once a month. Call VP for Education Gege Sugue to plan for your TM goals.
BUILDING THE NETWORK – There is strength in numbers. VP for Membership Ed Ebreo is actively promoting the BnT Toastmasters club through e-groups and online communities. Please help him by forwarding his messages and by inviting friends, family, and work colleagues to attend our meetings.

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