Sunday, September 04, 2005

Acceptance by Marlito Sy

De ja vu. A feeling that one has seen or heard something before. Three weeks ago, a lady friend has confided to me of a situation she’s into. The management is not keen on renewing the contract of a tempo staff, not because of incompetence nor the position was abolished but because the person was gay!

Its déjà vu for me because I witness the termination of a gay friend for the same reason from my previous employer five years ago! While the official reason given is due to tardiness but the buzz in the office was a different reason altogether.

As my previous experience flashes in my mind, I asked my lady friend what the staff did to warrant such action. Per her narration, the staff has delivered what was asked of him. He is intelligent and has initiative. Apparently, he has let himself loose in a company event that caught the eye of the President, who has biases.

These two events plus other similar occurrences have placed a disturbing question in my mind. Has Corporate Philippines really accepted gays in their midst or has Corporate Philippines tolerated their existence just to be politically correct with the times?

The more I look around, the more I believe that tolerance is the norm of the day. But tackling the problem of people like us (PLUS) will touch on a gamut of issues that has taken a life on its own. Let me just focus on one factor which any people will have a control, himself.

I will be approaching the situation under the following premise: Man has a choice in all of his activities. He was given intellect to discern which action to take and not to take. As such he can also comprehend the consequences of his actions.

Generally, every person like us (PLUS) is responsible for his own action. He is solely responsible for the perception generated by the people around him. What other people thinks will be validated by his actions or be demolished by it.

Let take the two examples I mentioned earlier. If my friend has addressed his habitual absences then, my previous employer may have difficulty justifying his exit in the company. On the staff of my lady friend, had he restrained himself until such time he is outside the company’s event, their President may not notice him.

Given a similar situation, how would you dissect the situation?

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