Thursday, April 07, 2005

DON'T! By TM Edwin C. Ebreo

The moment you say you can’t, you won’t, so DON’T!

Everyday we are faced with fresh set of challenges, some of them small enough to undertake without much worry. Others are huge, seemingly insurmountable and almost impossible to chew. Wait, I said almost because what is possible and impossible depends a lot on our decision to say we can, or we can’t.

There are two major reasons why people say they can’t. One is because they have not done it before and doubt that they will ever be capable… or they have done it, but they failed so they then are afraid to feel the agony of defeat again. These are the two huge walls that may stop us from achieving success. These are the wall of doubts and the wall of fear. These walls can block our views of what is ahead. They stop us from achieving our full potential. You know what can break these walls? A small hammer called WILL! We all know what the Lord said about faith. He said that a faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain; I’d say the same about WILL. Will makes the impossible possible. Like man’s trip to the moon, the great wall of China and the mapping of human DNA. Imagine if no man of great vision thought all these things to be possible.

You know what they say… what does not kill you can only make you stronger… yes, even failure. Want some example? Think of the light bulb, think of the 1001 versions that failed to work which led to one that began to light our lives. Imagine Thomas Edison saying, “I failed! I give up!” or what if....he didn’t even try at all. Another example? Think of the Sticky Notes, a byproduct of a failure that led to a gazillion dollar business.
Now, imagine what you can accomplish if you are not afraid to explore possibilities. Look inside you and find that thing that you’ve been aching, yet so terrified to do

I always tell my children that pursuing a better life means, doing different things and doing things differently. Stick your neck out and take risk. Manage your fear and your doubts. Because if they run wild, they are both expensive and debilitating. Proof? If we try to put a peso value on all the opportunities we lost because of doubts and fears, I’m sure if we have those money in our hands, we’ll all be richer than we are right now. This shows we won’t get anywhere if you don’t break out of our shell…Get out of Your comfort zone.

So, what is it? A bad relationship that needs to be improved, a new challenge at work, a desire to better yourself? Go for it! Don’t be afraid and don’t say you can’t. Because when you say you can’t, you won’t… so don’t!
Don’t say I can’t.

Say instead… Yes, I can and do it… …

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