Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Butter 'N Toast Toastmasters Club Officers Go Planning

It is an exciting time to be a member of this Toastmasters club and even more exciting to be an officer. The new batch of officers  went home with wide smiles because they are all very happy with what they agreed to do for this term. Here's a preview:

  1. Club contests - We are dividing  the club into two competing teams that will take turns hosting our twice a month meetings. Points will be earned based on attendance, speeches delivered, roles played, norms achieved, new members invited and club contests won among others. Great prizes await the winning team.
  2. Enhanced new member orientation and mentoring program - We are dedicating time to orient our members fully to help them appreciate the benefits of being a member and also to help them appreciate the club culture and what it means to become a part of the Butter N Toast, Toastmasters Club community. We are also creating a mentors' circle to standardize our mentoring approach and ensure that members are getting the help they need to achieve their personal Toastmasters goals.
  3. More blog and social media activities - This blog is going to get busier with member speeches, profiles and recaps of meetings. We will use this platform to help people realize  what they are missing each time they are not in our meeting :)
  4. Regular mentor talks - We realize the richness of our seasoned members' experiences. Pair that with their public speaking prowess and our meetings will surely be a showcase of highly informative and educational Toastmasters meetings. We've heard guests say that attending our meeting is like attending a very good seminar for free. We decided we're going to start banking on it. Watch out as the likes of our President, Gege Sugue,  Immediate Past District Governor JJ Letargo, VP for PR Edwin Ebreo, Treasurer Sheila Dela Cruz and others talk about hosting a meeting, doing effective evaluation, leadership, mentoring, and other exciting topics!
If you are looking for a club to join where you can be helped into becoming a more effective communicator and leader, look no more. Go to our next meeting!


Edleen Ebreo said...

I'm so pumped for the club contests! Haha..

Lourdes Amparo said...

When is your next meeting and how do I join? Thanks.

Edwin Ebreo said...

Hi, Lourdes! Please check this link for the answers to your question. Our next meeting is on August 7. Please feel free to join us! :)

Edwin Ebreo said...

Sorry, I forgot to paste the link. Here it is: http://butterntoast.blogspot.com/p/want-to-be-toastie.html


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