Friday, October 11, 2013

Interpretive Reading Project # 2: Poetry (Instructions for A Bad Day)

The Interpretive Reading manual is part of the advanced communication series. The challenge with interpretive reading is that the reader must do his or her best to convey the author's thoughts and words (including intent and message) to the audience. Projects in this manual include reading stories, poetry, mono dramas, plays and famous speeches.

Last Thursday, for Project #2: Poetry, I decided to read Shane Koyczan's poem -- Instructions for a Bad Day. I'm a big fan of spoken word poetry, and I found this poem while randomly clicking on youtube links one afternoon long ago. I've been a fan of Shane ever since.

I felt that this poem would be interesting to perform. I found his words beautiful and powerful. I could relate to the topic, and during the performance, I felt that my audience related to it as well.

**For more information on Shane Koyczan, click here.


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