Friday, August 23, 2013

As a member of Toastmasters, you will be guided by well-designed manuals, coached by a mentor, and motivated by members to deliver speeches and hone your ability to present effective, engaging, and educational speeches.  

You will start with 10 speech projects, with each project focusing on one aspect of speech preparation and delivery. That means you get better and better each time your deliver a speech. You will also receive helpful evaluations to help you identify your strengths and your areas for improvement.

Afraid of public speaking? The only solution is to confront and overcome your fear. Let Toastmasters help you exorcise those fears. 

Call or text our Vice President for PR to get more details about Toastmasters. You may also call/text her through 917-8989694.

Join us in our next meeting on September 12, Thursday, 7PM. No obligation to join. Just enjoy a night of and learning. 

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