Monday, November 14, 2011

7 Things You Missed at Nov 10 Meeting

  1. Engaging table topics of Ed Ebreo
  2. Heartening icebreaker speech of Kat Go
  3. Captivating story of Joco Magalong
  4. Exciting vocal variety speech of Jess Nemis
  5. Instructive evaluation of Ana Herrera, Jazz Encarnacion, Jeck Maog, & Pat Pascua
  6. Highly enriching evaluation of Gege Sugue
  7. Impressive performance of Owen Cruz as GE-General Evaluator (his debut)

What made this meeting unforgettable? Speakers 'got really personal' with their storytelling, which was perfect for the theme "INTERpersonal Intelligence."

In our next meeting, we feature Howard Gardner's 6th Multiple Intelligence (MI)--
"INTRApersonal Intelligence."
And you can't miss it this time! See you at the Butter N Toast (BNT) Toastmasters Club Meeting on November 24, Thursday, 7pm, at the
Function Room A of Makati Stock Exchange (MSE), Ayala Avenue, Makati City--Alvin Abrantes, VP for Membership

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