Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 25 BnT Meeting - It's About Multiple Intelligences

by Tina Marcelino

Happy Holidays, everyone!

In our last BNT meeting, our very talented TM of the PM, Gege Sugue, introduced Multiple Intelligences which will be our theme for the succeeding meetings.

Kudos to the following for their debut night on the CL roles:

  • TM Bert Guiang -- Table Topics Master
  • CC Alvin Abrantes -- General Evaluator
  • TM Jonathan Doringuez -- Table Topics Evaluator
  • New TM Martin Si -- Timer

We had three wonderful prepared speeches: from TM Jess Nemis' " A Dream," to CC Tisha Timbang's touching story of " Walking in Someone Else's Shoes," and learning from ACS Ed Ebreo on "When the Student is Ready".

Thank you to our two Guest Evaluators: Past Division B Governor Mr. Fred Castro and DTM Jeeves de Veyra.

We had 16 attendees (11 members & 5 guests).

Looking forward to our next meeting on September 8. Same time; same place.

God bless!
TM Tina Marcelino
Secretary, Butter N Toast TMC

Gege Sugue, DTM
Tisha Timbang, CC
Bert Guiang, TM
Alvin Abrantes, CC
Sheila De La Cruz, CC
Jess Nemis, TM
Jonathan Doringuez, TM
Shani Tan (TM to be)
Martin Si, TM
Ed Ebreo, ACS
Tina Marcelino, TM

Jerome Landrito, signed up to be a TM
Kathleen Go (TM to be)
Joanna Magalang (TM to be)
Jeeves De Veyra, DTM
Fred Castro, DTM

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