Monday, August 23, 2010

Toasties on TV

The formula for excellence can be summed up as:
  Passion + Training + Perseverance = Excellence.

Two individuals from Butter 'n Toast have achieved excellence by using the above formula.

Let’s take a look at who these two gentlemen are. 

Few individuals have excelled both in enterprise (Outsourcing, Automotive and Online industries) and public speaking but Enrique Salvador San Agustin, or Boom as fondly called by friends, managed to succeed in both. Boom is definitely an Entrepreneur guru. He, together with his team, runs the BisWiz Resources who caters to the needs of the budding entrepreneur.  Boom is also into writing and is the man behind "Pen Strokes", a blog at He is a self confessed comic book geek, chess enthusiast, poker player and air engine advocate. He is a devoted husband, a supportive father and a loving Grandpa.  Boom is also a champion speaker; he honed his communication skills at Butter ‘n Toast Toastmasters club.  An entrepreneur, blogger, columnist, TV Host and most of all a Toastmaster, what more can you ask for from this multi-media personality?

Dazzling bachelor Alvin Gale Tan is also someone who has used his passion, training and perseverance, to achieve excellence. This bubbly being is a computer expert who found his heart in public speaking.  Alvin enjoys photography as his past time and joins several competitions.  He is vibrant and animated and brings life to any Toastmaster meeting. He’s very outgoing and known in Toastmaster circles as he club hops a lot.  Alvin is an asset to BnT as he is one of the reasons why Butter ‘n Toast gets a lot of guests from other TM clubs.

Two outstanding speakers, two excellent leaders, product of one great club, Butter ‘n Toast Toastmasters Club.

Catch them live every Monday 10:30 to 11:30 at GNN’s SME Forum.

At Butter ‘n Toast, success is just a step away!

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