Thursday, January 21, 2010

This Christmas, the Toasties Turned Japanese

After months of hard work to meet the club’s goal to be Toastmasters’ President Distinguished Club, it was time for Butter N’ Toast Toastmasters Club to end another year of fun and learning by having a Christmas Party with a twist. The theme was JapaNAUGHTY since it was held in Nagomi, a Japanese Restaurant located in El Pueblo, Ortigas. The night of December 17, 2009 was indeed a night to remember for all of us Toasties. No speech projects, table topics, no evaluations – JUST PURE FUN.
The festivities started with the unveiling of the new Butter N’ Toast Banner. YES, IT’S FINALLY OUT! The excitement continued as BnT members played a bunch of parlor games starting with the Human Twist. Let me describe it briefly by saying that the goal of the game is to let the rope travel through the members of the group holding together. Looks hard the way it was described? You bet it was! It was even followed by a much harder game, a shooting challenge where Christmas cards served as balls and a bucket served as a ring. And last game was a guessing game where members of the group have to guess the stuffing of Santa’s Socks to win the contents.
The night ended with a Japanese way of doing Kris Kringle – of course to stay in sync with the event’s theme. Each participant get to choose their present, open it and decide whether to keep it or pick somebody else’s gift. It was indeed a fun night as the toasties savor the spirit of Christmas.

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