Monday, July 20, 2009

Butter N Toast Toastmasters Club Named President’s Distinguished Club for the Third Time

We made it! Toastmasters International officially acknowledged Butter N Toast as a President’s Distinguished Club for a third straight year.

Each year the Distinguished Club Program recognizes clubs that have outstanding achievements in education, membership, club building, club leadership, and club communication. Every club achieving five goals is recognized as a Distinguished Club.

Every club achieving five goals is recognized as a Distinguished Club. While clubs achieving seven goals rise a notch higher, and are considered Select Distinguished Clubs. The highest level is the President’s Distinguished Club. Here, a club must work hard to meet at least nine of ten goals for this award. Only clubs that work hard and strive for excellence, by definition, can reach this award. And BnT did it way better by accomplishing 10 out of 10 goals.

We have recruited 21 new members since July 1, 2008, as more people attend our meetings to improve their speaking and leadership skills. BnT also boasts of having members at many levels of Toastmasters experience; from beginners to advanced Toastmasters. Our members work together to help one-another by doing goal setting with their mentors and supporting club activities including the speech contests that we participated in. More importantly, members have fun while learning to become more effective in their life roles.
We are extremely proud of all the hard work the club put in to reach the finish line. Yes there were hiccups and we have sometimes had to cram down the stretch; but we reached the prize; and we are, once again, President’s Distinguished!
We have our previous officers to thank for setting the precedent and giving the inspiration for success. Here’s to another great year for Butter N Toast!

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