Saturday, March 14, 2009

Triple Win for Boom San Agustin

BNT's pride, Boom San Agustin, added three more pieces to his hardware collection last February 21 at the Area 16 Speech Contest in Makati.
It didn't start out too well, as his fellow contestants couldn't make it to the event due to various circumstances, leaving him with literally no competition. We assure you that Boom had nothing to do with that.
First in the agenda was the highly competitive Table Topics Contest, with a mind-blowing grand total of one contestant. Despite that fact, he didn't take the contest lightly as he tackled the topic with the seriousness of a true competitor. The judges had a tough time tallying their votes.

After the first contest was officially closed, out of nowhere, Boom came up with the idea of competing in the Humorous Speech Contest. Was it because he thought that by simply showing up and completing the minimum time requirement, it was his for the taking? He would have had another round of self-competition if it wasn't for Raju Mandhyan from Executive Toastmasters Club, who also decided to participate at the very last minute. After consulting the Chief Judge and everyone else in the room, both contestants were deemed eligible to compete, and the match was on. Both warriors had to put together a humorous speech in less than 20 minutes. Amazingly, they both did!
In the International Speech Contest, Raju decided to challenge him once again. For this contest, Boom has been playing and replaying his speech in his mind for months, perhaps years, and it was evident. The delivery was silky smooth. The content was rich. The emotional impact was undeniable.
Three hours, three contests, three medals. Three cheers for Boom!

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