Saturday, March 21, 2009

Eager Speakers at BnT

by Gege Sugue

"The culture has changed." BnT Vice President Ed Ebreo says it best when he talks about a shift in BnT. Previously, members had to be forced to deliver speeches. And the VP Education's worst fear was having zero prepared speakers in a meeting.

We must be doing something right, because that has changed. Gone are those days when officers had to bribe, coerce, emotionally blackmail members to speak. Now, it's a fight for the mic. Members and even guests are scampering to grab a speaking slot. Some, sadly, have to be turned away to give way to other speakers. New members are signing up with an eye on a date for an icebreaker speech. We are booked up to June, Ed Ebreo says with a mix of exasperation and glee.

Add to this the fact that BnT's membership roster is at a record high with 32 members. Sorry if we sound like we're bragging.

It's a happy problem, but a problem nonetheless that has to be addressed.

Here are some creative solutions that we came up with:
- Quarterly special meetings (Read the next post.)
- Club hopping (Ask Alvin and Gege about this.)
- Short term and long term scheduling (Check out Ed's multi-color rainbow MS Excel file of the Meeting Roles Schedule)
- Scheduled speakers to advise VP Ed of cancellations at least 1 week before the meeting
- Back up members to be ready to take over canceled slots.
- Speech Carnival (What is this? Let's wait for Ed's announcement.)

Inasmuch as increased membership is helping us with our goals and adding some badly needed funds into our coffers, we also recognize that this brings on more challenges. Our members pay for this club to help them in their personal and professional goals. As officers, we have the responsibility to help them with these goals while ensuring that the quality of meetings don't suffer. Implementing the solutions listed above will help us face the challenges.

We need everyone's cooperation to make it happen.

As always, our cry is Make the Most of Butter N' Toast!

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