Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I am a "Team Warrior" by Tisha Timbang

What better way of adapting a theme than a phrase that best describes the BNT club. “I am a team warrior.” In our introduction where everyone gets to speak in the club meeting, most of us mentioned that being with the club already makes one a team warrior. There are three things to prove this point.

When you are in BNT club, you are with enthusiastic people who encourage you to go beyond, deliver speech and be the best speaker you can ever be.

When you are with BNT club, you see and feel the ANIMO, the spirit of unity which makes you want to brag and defend your club when people outside the club throw negative words about the group.

When you’re at a BNT club meeting, you forget about the cramped place like what happened in our last meeting. We experimented meeting at a smaller place—in this nice Rocci Coffee Shop at Malugay, Makati, instead of our usual corporate like meeting at the Makati Stock Exchange.

Despite the inconvenience of the venue, club members didn’t whine about it, but proceeded with the usual fun and learning—speakers and evaluators delivered their speeches as if they were on big platform and huge room.

Team warriors are born and developed in a club where there are enthusiastic and fun people.

BNT members are team warriors and they will forever be.

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