Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Leader Wears Many Hats by Edwin Ebreo Speech# 8

We are all leaders, because at one point or another; we have been given or have assumed the responsibility of leading people to achieve something. Our past successes together with the future ones depend on how well we wear our hats. As leaders, we wear more hats than what I have on display, the more hats you can wear the better. Your ability to change hats according to the situation will determine your success as a leader. As sure as there is a right hat for a particular occasion, wearing the wrong one can spell disaster. Let us know these hats to make sure that we don’t make that mistake.

Kings Crown – Although this doesn’t necessarily qualify as a hat, there are times when you need to wear it because you are expected to make wise judgment, and to rule and rule firmly on matters concerning your team. At times we have to make like kings. Make decisions that are good for the people and not necessarily make decisions that they like.
Lady’s hat – Whether you are male or female, you will need to wear the lady’s hat more often than you think you should. The lady’s hat represents sensitivity and maternal instinct. As leaders we need to be sensitive to the needs of our team. Look after their welfare like a mother looks after the welfare of her children.

Chef’s hat – The success of the chef depends on his ability to bring harmony to the food he cooks. His skills in putting together the right amount of right ingredients spells the difference between heaven and hell. Do you have the Chef’s skill in picking the right ingredient for your team? Do you see the potentials of each team member to contribute to the success of the team in the same way that a chef makes heavenly food out of things that are otherwise ordinary?
Fireman’s hat –No matter how negative it sounds, firefighting is something that leaders have to do. This is because no matter how much you prevent them problems do occur and a leader must be prepared to take on these problems as firemen tackle fire. Putting out a fire can leave a sense of great accomplishment, just like solving a problem, you can get used to it. You must remember however, that fires or problems cause damage no matter how quickly you fix them. Never forget that it is always better to prevent fire than to putting it out.

Baseball cap - This represents the coach’s cap. This is also the hat that requires the least explanation because it is the one most closely associated with leadership. However there is another person who also wears the same hat, the player. This reminds us that the coach, just like the player is a member of the team. They are on the same side not the opposing side. Always remember that whenever you feel like punching a team member on the nose.
Nurse’s cap – The nurse’s cap should remind you that your role is to serve. Whenever you feel that the hurts or pains of your team members is not your business, remember that you must also wear this hat. When members do not perform in the way that they are expected, you should be able to see signs and symptoms and help find a cure. Sometimes the cure is a bitter pill. Keep in mind that you do this not to make them suffer but to make them well.

Farmer’s hat – I put the farmer’s hat last because I believe that this is a very important hat. A farmer looks at a barren land and sees its potentials to bear fruits. And because he believes that “what he sow, he shall reap, he rolls up his sleeves and get down to work, cultivating the land, planting the seeds and watching over it until it bears fruit. Please note, I said watching over, not just watching. There is a big difference.

There you have it folks, the different hats we wear as leaders. It’s easy to fall in love with the hat that works best for us. But that ladies and gentlemen is what I call forbidden love. Never think that wearing just one hat is enough to get you by. As a leader, you have to be sensitive to the situation and the people and be aware of the hat that you must wear. So, choose your hats wisely and lead effectively.

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