Monday, September 26, 2005

Movie Madness - Sept 14 Minutes by TM Sheila Mapanao

September 14 meeting
Hosted by Team II (sheila's group)

1. Jennie Tio
2. Jazz Encarnacion
3. Maureen de jesus
4. Alvin Tan
5. Gege Sugue
6. Sheila dela Cruz
7. Mars Sy
8. Rael Ortiz
9. Pat Pascua
10. Bryan Acosta

Area Governor CTM Benjie Los Baños

It was raining heavily last September 14, which explains the low-turnout of people for the meeting, but as they say in show business, “The show must go on!” Which was most apt, considering that the theme for the night was “Movie Madness”.TM of the PM was yours truly. Meeting started a tad late, around 7:30 p.m., but that was forgivable considering the bad weather. Dinner was sponsored byTM Rael Ortiz as part of his birthday celebration, and co-sponsored by TM Mars Sy. Just because… Table topics master was TM Mars Sy, who proved to all and sundry that I am his favorite toastmaster. I was called (more like ‘coerced’), to handle the topic re:the new Wonder Woman movie and who should play the role. (Between you and me, I said ME. Hehehe…:D) CTM Benjie Los Baños took the topic “Pirated copy of a movie has made movie-watching truly affordable”. CTM/CL Pat Pascua took the topic “Which of the following contributed to the decline of the Phil movie industry? Budget concerns? Heavy taxation? Lack of creativity?” The rest of the table topics were ably handled by ATM-G Jennie Tio as she wanted to practice some more for the Division Quartethlon. Other club contestants, beware! Hehehe… :D Due to the heavy rains, 2 of our speakers‘rainchecked’, pun intended. Our only prepared speech was from TM Maureen de Jesus. We picked up a lot of quotable quotes from her icebreaker speech entitled,“Things I learned about myself late last night”. One such gem was her use of the term “constructive discontent” and her quoting Seth Grodin, “If you can’t state your position in 8 words or less, then you don’t have a position”. Just listening to Mau’s speech made our walk through the rain worth it, and look forward to hearing her do speech #2 in the very near future. Heading the evaluation team were none other than our 2 club mentors! GE was CTM/CL Pat Pascua, while TableTopics evaluator was ATM-S Jazz Encarnacion. We are truly lucky to have these 2 seasoned TMs in our club and we made full use of their talents, and picked up alot of new learnings from their evaluations.Grammarian was another favorite, Gege Sugue. Ah counter was Alvin Tan, and Timekeeper was BryanAcosta. WE will be hearing from Bryan in our next meeting, since he promised to do speech #2. Way to go,Bryan!The meeting ended WAY beyond the schedule (past 10p.m., would you believe?!?) but, come to think of it,that was actually expected, because if you look at your copy of the programme for that meeting, the time for adjournment was left blank. Hehehe… sneaky! ;-> Definitely, EVERY ButternToast meeting is time well spent and even if it was not a full house that night,it was truly another meeting to remember.

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