Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Gratitude Attitude by TM Sheila Mapanao

Each afternoon I look forward to some quiet time alone, when my kids are at their tutor’s house, and I have the house all to myself. No loud music blaring from the radio, no tv, just me lying on the sofa, book or magazine in hand, reading, reading, reading. And all is quiet. Ah, pure bliss! This is the kind of lazy, quiet afternoon when I do my best thinking.

Some people are uncomfortable with the quiet, but I relish it since it comes so infrequently. Although these past few weeks, I have been spending a lot of quiet time alone, thinking things through, planning my days, and just enjoying my own company. I’m sure you’ve also had these moments, enjoying how good it feels to just be with yourself and think.

And what have these quiet afternoons resulted in? Well, honestly, a lot of peace of mind on my part. Am more comfortable now going with the flow, so to speak, and taking things as they come. No harried and frantic rushing to and from the house, No running around in circles deciding which project to do first. I am more relaxed now, and I feel ready to take on the world! Whereas before I was a lot worried about the uncertainties of the future, I feel a lot more confident now about what the future holds for me. I am thoroughly enjoying my vacation and the relaxation, as I’m sure that once I start another job, vacations such as this will be rare.

Another thing that I’ve realized… I realized how lucky and blessed I am. A few years back, I bought a journal with the cover titled, "A booklet of my blessings". A gratitude journal, something I started late 2003. I remember a saying, “think of all the things that you have that you will not take money for”, and that was the basis for a lot of things written in my gratitude journal.

Gratitude comes easily when our lives are in order. But the challenge is to find something to be grateful for even in the midst of personal hardship. I prepared my own personal list of favorite “good things”...something I refer to when work becomes stressful, or when life, in general, is not going my way. I’m sure we all have at one time or another experienced days when things just aren't going right. And that's the time I refer to my own list of favorite “good things”...

Admittedly, each person would have a different take on what would be considered a “good thing” but still please allow me to share with you a list of my favorite “good things”.

As expected, a lot of my favorite good things would have to do with my family, and friends, such as:
- watching my sons sleeping so soundly
- when my 4 year-old son says "i love you, mommy"
- watching my "bunso" learning how to walk (when he was then 9 months old)
- my Mom's cooking (yum yum!)
- my Dad's silly jokes and stories
- hugs and kisses from people I love
- cuddling and snuggling in bed
- reminiscing with old and dear friends

I also enjoy things such as:
- inspirational books (Og Mandino, Chicken soup series, etc...)
- "feel good" movies
- back rubs/massage
- curling up in bed with a good book
- knowing i've made someone happy
- memories of swimming/snorkeling in Pangasinan’s white sand beaches
- laughing uninhibitedly (LOL)
- love letters
- listening to songs from high school
- baby pictures
- quiet moments lying on the beach and looking up at the sky and white, puffy clouds
- chocolate cake
- Chili’s mashed potatoes
- watching the sunset on the beach (with a loved one, a pre-requisite)

That was my personal list. I also encourage each one of you to write your own personal list of “good things”, something for you to refer to when things just aren’t going your way. Don’t get too wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, or your so-called "busy-ness". Don’t forget to acknowledge the blessings that you have been receiving, and spend more time being thankful!!! Practice gratitude every day of your life! And I hope I have inspired you to attain a “gratitude” attitude. Thank you, everyone, and GOD BLESS!

10 February 2005

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Gege said...

Hey Sheila!

How heartwarming! There really is a lot we can be grateful for. If we open our eyes to them, there are thousands in any given day!

Keep up the attitude of gratitude


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